Why I'm Running

One of the greatest ways to determine a person's character is to know their "why". Until quite recently, pursuing public office was not where I saw my life path heading. Though the more I contemplate it, I find this truth to be an asset, not a shortcoming. At its core, government should be a body by the people, for the people. An entity which brings together those with passion, vision, and a general need to do good in the world with the little time they have in it. Where the belief that dedication and hard work can bring about results that change the lives of others for the better. I often find myself recalling a notable quote of Theodore Roosevelt when summarizing such a perspective -- "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." In government, we need well-rounded leaders who strike the right balance between bold aspirations and the inevitable bounds of reality. This outlook to me comes naturally. I value my innate sense of good judgement, high level of morality, and ability to stay grounded when most would feel overwhelmed. I too embrace an instinctive optimism, seeing the silver lining in even the darkest clouds, and maintaining a sincere belief that most of our wildest dreams for what our State can become lie in the realm of possibility. 

With these characteristics I applied myself to the duties of the State House of Representatives in the 2022 Legislative session, and found a near-perfect alignment. One of the most eye-opening aspects of having witnessed the role of a legislator as it pertains to governmental responsibility is that one does not need to, nor should they, be an expert at everything. Firstly, one must understand they serve their people, not the other way around. The power bestowed is not provided to the individual themselves, instead they act as a vessel for the interests and needs of their communities. My stated priorities I hope express the same thoughts as your own. If not, I am eager to accrue any and all ideas of those I seek to represent. This leads to the second quality a representative must possess --open-mindedness. It is incredibly easy to think we know it all, and when given the power of a vote, this vice creeps in even more so. Though if I have learned anything from the 2022 Legislative session, it is truly that testimony provided by everyone from state agencies to concerned residents is what shapes outcomes, and by extension, the future of Hawaii. If elected, I will acknowledge all angles presented, and utilize the third most integral quality I have identified -- judgement. In order to unify a firm foundation of principles with an openminded perspective, one must employ good judgement. To know when to fight to achieve an objective, no matter what it takes. To know when to walk away, if the amount to be lost substantially outweighs the amount to be gained. And most forgotten, to know when to compromise. With a concrete understanding of the role of a state legislator, and an appreciation for the need to approach its duties with open-mindedness and solid judgement, I believe I have found my "why" -- that I have it in my ability to be the representative I would want for myself, and as I hope this message has conveyed, be the representative you would like working for you, too.