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Aloha! Jillian Anderson has called Waikiki home for as long as she can remember. Her life has always been full of sun, sand, and surf, and like all Waikiki residents, she knows there is no district quite like it. As a bustling metropolis in an island paradise, Waikiki possesses unique challenges and potentials, and Jillian is eager to provide her community with passionate and productive representation in the Hawaii State House of Representatives.  




Jillian is a proud alumna of Sacred Hearts Academy, having attended the all-girls school from kindergarten through 12th grade. Following her high school graduation, Jillian knew she wanted to remain in her home state. Her love of learning earned her acceptance into the Freshman Direct Admit Program of the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Shidler College of Business, from which she graduated summa cum laude with a BBA focusing in entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance, as well as a minor in history.


Jillian came to find politics and government as the nexus between her varied academic pursuits and personal interests, giving rise to a fascination in the inner workings of the Hawaii State Legislature. In the 2022 Legislative Session, Jillian has been honored to serve as a Legislative Analyst and Researcher for the House Minority Caucus. Her responsibilities which have given her a strong foundation in understanding the legislative process provided coveted experience shall she be entrusted to assume the role of a representative. 

Hear From Jillian Why She Is The Candidate To Represent Waikiki 

A special thank you to 'Ōlelo Community Media for sharing Jillian's message in their Candidates in Focus 2022 Election programming.

Listen to Jillian's conversation with Rick Hamada on KHVH AM830, where she shares her thoughts on the big topics, including crime, energy, tourism, taxation, and more. 

Hear Jillian, along with fellow State House District 24 candidate Adrian Tam, speak on KHVH Radio's "Call The Candidates" program, where they answer questions posed by host Rick Hamada, as well as on "Conversation with the Candidates" where Jillian and Rep. Adrian Tam present questions to one another in a uniquely formatted, yet insightful dialogue.

My Priorities

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Public Safety

At its foundation, the role of government shall be to ensure the safety and security of its people. Sadly, Hawaii's residents are reminded daily that there has been a lapse in this responsibility. The concept of safety is a complex, multi-faceted issue, though there is immense room for positive change, and we need elected leaders who advocate not for short-term fixes, but for wide-reaching reforms to make safety an inherent right in communities statewide. 

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No matter if you were born and raised in the State or finally made your island dreams a reality, paying nationwide highs are a way of life. But what was once accepted as the price of living in paradise is reaching unbearable levels. With market forces at play, it is imperative that the State Legislature do everything in its power to remedy the many pain points, and save our residents from the worsening struggle just to make ends meet.   


Sustainable Tourism

Living in Waikiki, the impacts of tourism are constantly felt, from crowded beaches to being a source of employment for a substantial percentage of our residents. Whether touched by tourism at work or at play, I am aware feelings are mixed on the visitor industry and the role it should have in our State. I personally believe Hawaii is too beautiful a place not to be shared, yet for the sake of the increasingly detrimental impacts loosely-managed tourism is causing for our environment and our permanent residents, initiatives must be put in place to ensure the industry provides more benefits than drawbacks.



Reliance on stable and safe infrastructure is inescapable. From turning on a light switch to taking the kids to school, infrastructure sits at the core of each of our lives. But, it is plain to see our infrastructure is quickly aging to a point at which failure appears imminent. In 2019, the State scored a D+ in terms of infrastructure conditions, and there is little surprise as to why. With the average age of our school facilities being over 60 years old, our plentiful coastal areas increasingly suffering from impacts of erosion and sea inundation, 93% of our dams having been classified as high-hazard potential, and our limited roadways servicing nearly 3 million vehicle trips daily, it is clear every piece of our infrastructure must be prioritized to be brought up to sound standards of safety and be subject to continuous maintenance to ensure a resilient Hawaii for generations to come.

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Hawai'i Lodging and

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Can I Vote For Jillian?

Jillian is running to represent those who reside in State House District 24. To vote for her, you'll need to answer "yes" to the following two questions:

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Voters receive their ballots in the mail by Friday, October 21

How to Help

Jillian is seeking contributions to aid in her campaign. Proceeds will be used to increase Jillian's exposure amongst her community and share her message for a vibrant and hospitable Waikiki.


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